A Gallery of Ribosome Microcrystals

Ribosome crystals that are large enough for X-ray diffraction studies have been obtained, so far, only from bacteria. In eukaryotes ribosome microcrystals have been discovered first within the cell and then also in cell-derived systems such as homogenates and cell extracts. This last result was announced in 1979 in the Journal of Supramolecular Structure (Vol. 10. pp. 349-357), but only a few electron micrographs were printed on that occasion, so it may be useful to provide other pictures of that discovery. The present “Gallery” has precisely such a purpose and represents therefore a memory bank of structures that remain to this day the best example of eukaryotic ribosome microcrystals.


(1) Plate 1a
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(2) Plate 1b

(5) Plate 3

(6) Plate 4a

(7) Plate 4b

(8) Plate 5a

(9) Plate 5b

(10) Plate 6

(11) Plate 7a

(12) Plate 7b

(13) Plate 8

(14) Plate 9a

(15) Plate 9b

(16) Plate 9c